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Charles Rodriguez

Founder // Film Director, Producer & Managing Partner

Charles has spent nearly 15 years in sales, marketing and executive leadership, holding positions from Senior Sales Manager and VP, to Chief Operating Officer. Through this experience in dealing with either in-house marketing teams or marketing agencies, there have been a significant amount of failures that Charles has seen that could be corrected by taking a more client-centric approach to an agency and treating clients like partners rather than customers.

On the film side, Charles has been a working Director and Cinematogpher for over five years.


"I believe in building relationships through results, always putting the client's needs first and generating content and campaigns that truly speak to an audience."

Film Crew
Michelle Garcia

Founder // Managing Partner

Michelle has spent the last five years identifying clients that would be a good fit for Big Boy Media Group, and is a driving force behind the campaign creative that we deploy for our clients. Michelle also works as a Production Coordinator on set, ensuring that your production goes smoothly, stays on budget and gets completed in the time allotted.

Michelle has always been an advocate for children and animals, and developed the idea to immortalize our Basset Hound, Tiger, as our company mascot and logo.

Nick Ghaneie

Director of Advertising

Nick is the guy behind our client's success on the technical side of marketing. With a passion for copy, and an unending drive to outperform the competition in any KPI, he will ensure that your campaigns are being delivered to the right audiences, when they're most ready to buy, and that the copy is spreading your brand's message in an impactful way.

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Cody McHardy

Director of Photography

Cody has been behind a camera in some fashion for over a decade. From DSLR to mirrorless, camcorder to cinema camera, Cody is comfortable behind most any camera in use today. He brings a sharp attention to detail, deep understanding of both the theory and practical usage of lighting and composition, and a delightful attitude while on set.

Emmanuel Gallagos

Camera Department

A DP, Camera Op and Assistant Camera with five years of experience in the commercial and narrative world. Emmanuel aims to create the best quality content for our clients without exception.

Production Crew
Michael Rojas

Producer/Location Sound

Michael has spent several years in the film industry and brings that experience and professionalism on set for Big Boy Media Group's clients. Whether working as a Producer or a Location Sound Mixer, he always ensures that the project goes smoothly and that deliverables are crisp and well-mixed.

Chris Andersen

Talent & Casting

Chris Andersen is 29 years old and has been working in the entertainment industry for over six years in both fashion and commercial. Chris work with various agencies all over the United States and has an extensive résumé of commercial, fashion, film, and voice-over work. Through his time in the industry, Chris has become well adept to understanding what performances need to be brought to bring projects to life and identifying the actors and actresses that will elevate your story.

Man at Desk
Nicholas Filip

Screenwriter & Campaign Strategy

Nicholas has been involved in narrative storytelling and marketing in one form or another for nearly 20 years. Currently, he’s a public affairs specialist for the United States Air Force where he’s written and produced award-winning and record-breaking content. He has a reputation for understanding what clients want and then helping them achieve their goals; whether it’s getting out a simple or complex message, changing hearts and minds, or influencing behavior. Nicholas has multiple communication degrees and certifications, graduating top of his class in broadcast communications and public affairs communication strategy.

Joey Letzring

Business Development

Joey, also known as "The Kid", is a UCF student with a passion for sales and building relationships. Joey played sports at a high level throughout high school, and brings that discipline to his role at Big Boy Media Group. If Joey reaches out to you, it is because he has done extensive research into your brand and determined that we can bring you not just more leads, but better qualified leads, too!

Business Meeting
Luca La Russa

Territory Sales Manager - United States West


Luca is a UCF student who enjoys helping brands grow and taking care of his hair. He will find your company the best solution we have to offer that will fit your goals and needs. Luca is more than a sales manager, he loves to watch our clients succeed and will be with you all the way through your journey with Big Boy Media Group.

Justin Linton

Territory Sales Manager - United States East

Bio coming soon...